Identity theft can happen when you are working in your offices or working from home and find that your digital identity has been stolen or compromised, something that happens about once a month in the US. Stolen credit card information is one of the most common ways identity thieves get away with the crime.

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With more and more people going online to search for information they may need to work with, being able to lock your information securely with a username and password helps ensure that you can find what you are looking for and know that it has not been altered. Many businesses now require their staff to store their passwords and authentication information on their computers.

Offer your employees training to create strong passwords for your website.

To provide employees with the guidance to do this without being overtly intrusive, set up a password manager. A password manager allows you to save multiple, secure passwords and then use them for various purposes. These include finding your password on a website for certain tasks, typing in your login information or even turning on a computer’s anti-theft system to lock your office if you leave it unlocked.

For best results, make passwords of at least eight characters and remember your own username and password to the password manager in case the device or computer needs to be disconnected from the Internet and reconnected later. This will also prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your password manager.

How to select a good password manager

There are many password managers to choose from, but the three I’ve tested and used all have a great price tag, are easy to set up and look great when you start saving all your passwords in the cloud. I hope these tips work for you and help you protect your information online, remember, this is not only for personal use, there are a lot of companies and industries out there that are also taking the necessary measurements to protect themselves from the online world. If you’d like to keep on reading more about this then make sure to visit websites like to learn more about the importance of protecting your network.