Brave new ad expands Lynx brand

You might have seen the recent Lynx ad themed on doing amazing things:

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“Now can be amazing,” says the ad. “Go out, see amazing things. Get an amazing job. “

“Kiss the hottest girl” the ad continues, knowing the Lynx brand I prepare myself for another female objectification session from good old Lynx. Then this happens: 


Clever move Lynx, clever.  

This is the first ad in Australia to feature a homosexual kiss and it’s treated like it’s absolutely nothing, it’s a brief throwaway line, treated like everything else in the ad, and that’s what makes this doubly amazing. Representation like this this goes a long way towards normalising homosexuality in our culture, and that can only be a good thing.

For anyone not familiar with it here’s one of Lynx’s previous ads, this is what their brand famously used to be – full of objectification and sexualisation targeted at adolescent boys.

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This ad isn’t the first departure from their objectification brand – a few years back they ran a contest to win a chance to be an astronaught,  with similar themes of adventuring and seizing the day.

But what makes this ad better and smarter is the normalisation of homosexual relationships in an ad targeted at boys at an age where many are beginning to realise their sexual identity.

Of course not everyone is happy with progress, the ABS has received a food of homophobic complaints about the ad:

 “Yes, Australia is a free country, but this ad seems to me to show the gay minority dictating terms to the normal majority.”

 “ISIS has some ideas on how things should be run, ISIS believe these ideas to be the only way…. The ad has homosexual content… is immoral and deeply offends my/our religious beliefs.”

Another complaint called the ad “revolting” and added “I will no longer purchase any Lynx products as a result of this filthy commercial.”

But The ABS dismissed all complaints against the ad

 “The board considered the scene involving the two men kissing and noted that the scene is very brief and that the kiss is not lingering and is not particularly passionate and does not then lead to any further kissing or intimacy.”

From a branding point of view this is a really good way for Lynx to distance it’s brand from its previous overly sexual incarnation. It simultaneously expands their target market to include homosexual men, and contributes to their brand story – not only does Lynx tell you to do amazing things they do amazing things.