To me marketing is what builds good brands and good websites. Design skills and code are only part of the process, it’s marketing that provides the direction. I’ve worked a lot with strategic marketing, both at a strategic and tactical level.

For confidentiality reasons I can’t share examples of a lot of my strategic work, but I have had experience with a range of marketing types and strategic activities including

  • Long term Marketing Strategy
  • Short term Marketing Strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Business strategy
  • Campaign strategy
  • Website strategy
  • Tactical management
  • Tactical execution

Below are some of my successful tactical campaigns

  • Win a 4WD Adventure
    This campaign invited participants to enter the draw to win an 4WD trip when they purchase a specific product, it resulted in a 10% website traffic increase
  • Business charger
    This Campaign was B2B targeted and designed to charge up their business. The campaign ran year long and included specials, some of which resulted in a 50% sales growth.
  • iPhone App
    This campaign was to promote the iPhone app I developed for the company I worked for, it was targeted at B2B and B2C and has resulted in over 2000 app downloads in a yearlong period