RSPCA buddy challenge and using the power of the internet for not evil.

I get very excited when I see a social media campaign that gets people excited, and it’s even better when the message behind the campaign is for a genuine good cause.

The RSPCA buddy challenge is just that – volunteers sign up and choose a buddy – could be a cat, dog, bird, reptile, horse, or any other of the RSPCA’s needy animals. This campaign is great because it targets to things which are etremely popular on social media – cute animals and lazy activisim.

Now when I say lazy activism, I don’t necessarily mean it as a bad thing – social media activities like sharing Kony 2012, or doing a #NoMakeupSelfie are a critical component of raising awareness of these issues or showing solidarity (for a really great article on the importantance of solidarity with female cancer sufferers I reccomend this post) and while there can always be the arguement of: if you really care donate time or money, most of the people who would have donated to these causes would have already done so. So while this type of activism is inherently lazy, it’s not necessarily a negative.

This is where the RSPCA buddy challenge comes in. The level of effort required to participate is basically minimal, I’ll be honest the first buddy I had was adopted within 24 hours and I hadn’t even gotten round to tweeting about her yet. But I still had that satisfaction of helping out a cute little kitten, and it inspired me to be more proactive with the next one. And unlike other social media campaigns which ask you to like or share something obnoxious, this only requires you to share cute animal pictures, something which if you’ve ever seen my twitter you’ll know I have no issue with.

They’ve even made it easy – going to the effort of creating a campaign website and point system with prizes for the winner at the end of the challenge period, helping to motivate even the laziest of activists.